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7 day smoothie recipes!

March 9, 2017


I always start the day with a green smoothie and thought I’d share the recipe for all the smoothies I made over the last week!

All of the smoothies contain:

  • Almond milk (high in B vitamins such as iron and riboflavin) – could also use coconut/rice milk.

  • Banana (high in tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin and potassium)

  • Spirulina (Blue-green algae which high in protein, essential amino acids and minerals) – could also use wheatgrass/barley grass or Chlorella.

  • Milled linseed (sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds, goji berries and chai seeds – rich in Omega 3 and a good source of fibre)

  • Yogurt – Otional!, I sometimes add coconut yogurts such as coyo to help thicken the smoothie, or if you’re ok with diary sheep or goats yogurt.


  • Fresh blueberries (considered a super food, high in antioxidants – anthocyanins; good for memory)

  • Spinach (full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals)

  • Avacado (high in potassium and good monounsaturated fats)


  • Fresh raspberries (antioxidants, allergic acid; anti-cancer properties and vitamin C)

  • Broccoli (high in vitamin A and K, anti-inflammatory)

  • Brazil nuts (rich in mono-unsaturated fats and selenium)


  • Fresh papaya (high in the antioxidants vitamin C and A)

  • Kale (high in protein, fibre and vitamins A,C and K)

  • Carrot (vitamin A and beta-carotene)


  • Fresh mango (high in fibre and Vitamin C)

  • Spinach


  • Strawberries (high in antioxidants such as vitamin C)

  • Kale


  • Pear (antioxidants, fibre and flavonoids)

  • Kiwi (high in vitamin C and A)

  • Spinach


  • Frozen mixed berries (fibre and increased “good” HDL cholesterol)

  • Broccoli

I recently purchased a Nutribullet and it works great at blending the smoothie well in seconds, you also get two different cup sizes so the larger one could be used if you want to increase your greens!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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